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It's Your Vacation Rental Business!!

  • Are you capitilizing on......

    • Airbnb and other listing sites forced cancellations during COVID-19? Did you capture their information through your reservation software and email them letting them know they can re-book with you when they are ready directly on your website for best pricing?
    • Are you nurturing guests from the very beginning of the booking process that they can book directly with you on their return trip?
    • Are you capturing guest emails for a marketing campaign at a later date? Do you have a website landing page for them to book directly with you next time?
    • Help don't Sell
      Are you following the golden rule of today's online marketing techniques by being more helpful vs selling potential guests? In other words, does your website provide useful, helpful information for your guests or potential guests?
    • You are the travel agent for your guests! Are you providing them the personalized area information and helpful content they will need for the best experience directly on your website?
    • When travel resumes, post Coronavirus, cleanliness will be of the utmost importance. Will you standout by having additional details directly on your website? This will re-affirm your guests that you are a professional and re-assure potential guests who are most certainly going to be asking these questions upon booking. Are you ready?
  • Make the Most of Listing SItes

    Every time you receive an inquiry, and more specifically a booking through a listing site you are capturing potential guest information. This is marketing, and yes you are paying for it through the listing site fees. It takes time and money for SEO, content marketing, and internet marketing in general. You should be maximizing everything out of each booking you receive from a listing site. After all, they are your guest! Each guest should be subtly nurtured, from the very beginning of their stay with you that you are the vacation rental professional and they booked with you; not a specific listing site. From automated emails,. Rental Agreements, helpful area information, post-check-out follow-up, and more coming directly from your website; they should have no doubts they can re-book directly with you. Savings for them and you. All you have to do now is WOW them and make them your guest forever.

Don't over complicate it!
You will not show up on Google's first page for main industry search topics with your website alone without spending tens of thousands of dollars in advertising, SEO, back linking, etc. Smaller niche SEO and other categories, sure, and no matter what that's perfectly ok. Luckily, for vacation rental and short term rental owners there are things we can do to ensure we are maximizing #BookDirect!

I hear local realtors speak of a listing site such as HomeAway/VRBO all the time as if that were the only option for people in the world today. They are way behind the times and unknowingly giving their clients failing advice. Different 3rd party listing sites and properties do better in certain markets and this will need to be evaluated and tested. I also see many Facebook groups who are not only reluctant to use the "Big 3" listing sites but will downright not even list on them! The truth is we can utilize all the major listing sites as a marketing tool until our own websites can generate enough traffic to support your revenue goals.

  • Brand
    Yes, Branding is very important for any business large or small, including vacation and short term rental properties. You need a simple, consistent brand across the web.
  • Design
    Your website design needs to integrate with your band to provide consistency as well as a good user experience for your guests both on mobile and desktop browsing.
  • Optimize
    Optimizing your website for both Google and the potential guest is of the utmost importance. You must be able to engage both audiences simultaneously. You will also need to be able to capture returning guests and new guests discouraged by booking fees on the big listing sites!
  • Satisfy
    For the vacation rental owner, we strive to satisfy our guests with our accommodations. You website should be an extension of your rental property and the services you provide. Although there are different levels of personalization for the individual homeowner, a satisfied guests should be nurtured in such a way there is no mistaking they can not only #BookDirect with you but save a few dollars by doing so. ! This should be an option left up to the guest; It is the homeowner's job to make them aware this is an option for them!

Ok, so there is a huge movement to completely refrain from using Big Listing Sites. I understand the frustration and lack of control. I get it! If you are a startup this is nearly impossible to do while simultaneously making money. The good thing is we can utilize Big Listing Sites to our advantage. It is important to understand that the more places you can appear on the web the more exposure your website, brand, vacation rental property, etc can have. Your entrepreneurial ventures will need a website to take reservation, retain past, and capture new customers. Your vacation rental property needs to be setup more like a business if you want to succeed in today's climate. We will assist you to formulate a plan to use the "Big 3" listings sites, alternative listing sites such as Houfy, and social media marketing. Over time all of these can result in Listing Site Independence and #BookDirect!