• Getting Started

Let's Begin Creating Your Website!

At Web Weaver we want make this as easy as possible for you. Please review the Getting Started section below to review a few basic items you will need to be thinking of or gathering. Also, review the "How To" Links for an overview of terminology, the process, and the admin portal you will be using.

Getting Started You Will Need…

  • A Domain Name ie. yourvacationrental.com. Many will run $15-20 annually with introductory prices for the first year or multi-year discounts.
  • A Hosting Package to host your site. Most are roughly $10 a month or annual plans that will receive a discount. We recommend Chillidog Hosting or Dreamhost. We can also assist you with this.
  • Basic Idea of Site Design. You will need a basic idea of the type of site design and additional pages to determine pricing and timeline. We have provided some examples from basic websites to slightly more customized pages and add-on pages and features.
  • Schedule a Call with us to discuss your thoughts on the type of site you would like designed and nail down pricing. You can see our basic website pricing and packages in the links below as well.
  • Shared Folder Questionnaire Once we have discussed the basics of what you would like created we will send you a link to a Google Drive shared folder with a basic questionnaire. You will provide your domain, hosting, and property themes, colors, etc. We can answer any questions you have in the cloud based shared document. There will be a couple of folders for photos with a "Read Me" file explaining as well. Super easy!

Ready, Set, Go…

  • Lets's Begin! There is a "Tips and Explanation of Verbiage" link below. Please review this so you are familiar with a few terms that are going to come your way. It will answer most basic questions you will have in putting together content for your website. Once, again no worries if some of its foreign you can just ask us.
  • Research and Content. We will provide basic keyword research tools and assist you with your local SEO planning as a part of our web design service. This will consist of simple on-page SEO. Two heads are better than one and you know your area and market better than we do(especially true for Vacation Rental Properties). You can get started by visiting Ubersuggest Website and familiarize yourself with Keyword Research.
  • Admin Pages for Content Management. We will provide a password protected admin page for your website that you will utilize to place your headers, text, images, and other content. There will be an overview video as well as documentation to make his easy. As always, we will be here every step of the way as well.
  • Additional Pages. We can add any additional web design add-ons listed in our web design package. This not a requirement it's only an offering for those who need extra web pages created.

How To Links

Example Sites and Pages for Referencing

We would love to assist you with your Web Design so feel free to check out the Example Vacation Rental Website Template below or our Web Design Portfolio Page. Also, check out the list of included services and optional services for our Web Design Package by clicking the button above.

A little more detail on this custom website. Same principles with much, much more content and multi-property pages.

The site above is a simple and clean vacation rental site with the text, images, and area info section controlled by you!

Why a dedicated guest landing page? Think about it. You pay a percentage to listing sites for a booking. The guest and all their information is now yours. Yours to impress and yours to gain for all future bookings or referrals. Let them know right away that you have a website by sending them there directly. Give them helpful information, house rules, a nice simple website and they will know to book with you again. Ask for details.