"Weaving Your Brand Together"

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Our Web Design Philosophy

Our Web Design Philosophy and Specialty is primarily for Vacation Rental Property Owners and Managers. However, most of our web design philosophy and process can be applied to any new venture across other industries as well. Once you are finished with this page check out even more specifics on our Vacation Rental Web Design by clicking the link.


A staple of quality for a short term rental property is having a proper brand. If this is a new vacation rental property you will need to think of your new venture the same way you would any other business to be successful. You will need a consistent brand across the web, social media, and in your town or destination. What used to be an innovative approach is now a must have to compete in the vacation rental industry. It is key to your long term success and independence from listing sites! There are so many variables that you will need to consider up front to save yourself time and money. Let us share from our experiences to make your life easier! #BookDirect

Website Design

We believe a simple website design is the best approach. There are many, many theories out there and all of them probably have their advantages when executed properly. Our websites will provide the basic area information and content needed to keep a potential customer or guest on your website. We will also offer additional options for integrating a Blog or specific landing pages for your guests. A mobile first design is paramount in todays world as 90% of your web traffic will come from a mobile device. We will optimize your site to satisfy both desktop and mobile visitors. This will make the perfect landing page for your marketing efforts. Check-out even more specifics on our vacation rental web design philosophy. #BookDirect


Optimization for your vacation rental property should include a consistent brand and listing across the web. This includes your website, listing sites, social media, search engines, etc. This also includes your property SEO headlines, optimized verbiage, photos, and guest communications. Our services can help you check off everything you will need to get up and running with a high quality website as quickly as possible. It will save you time, headaches, and money. We would love the opportunity to assist you with a faster start-up and long term success in listing site independence! #BookDirect


A quality website and brand will satisfy both the potential guests and search engines simultaneously. Our philosophy is to utilize the listing sites to our advantage by taking leads, or guests in this case, gaining exposure, creating revenue, and nurturing potential guests to #BookDirect with you for their future vacation experiences. Marketing and advertising costs are inevitable for any business. Long gone are the days of placing a vacation rental property on a site like VRBO and raking in commission free money. The market is saturated, competitive, and expensive to operate in. The goals have not changed; to satisfy guests and create repeat customers for your vacation rental property. You will need great processes, communication, and website design to execute this philosophy and reach your long term goals of being free from listing sites. #BookDirect

Our Websites Are

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    We pride ourselves on being transparent and affordable for the average business owner. Who needs expensive consultation fees or extremely complex websites; especially a vacation rental owner or manager? No matter your business we have upfront pricing and we try to gain a full understanding of exactly what you want up front so there are no hidden or last minute costs. The end goal is a place to send your guests, potential customers, or online audience.

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    Content Management

    Gone are the days where you pay monthly fee to a web designer to make minor changes to a website such as a paragraph or bio information. We employ sites with Content Management ability which allows you to edit much of the content on your website whenever, wherever.

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    Responsive Design

    Lets' face it most of us have used a mobile device for browsing the web to booking accommodations for quite sometime now. As a matter of fact, at least 85% of your traffic will be via mobile at some point in the interaction with your customer. Our sites are mobile first, responsive designs with a dynamic content layout for larger screens.

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    Optimized with SEO

    We follow best practices and updated methods of SEO for Google and other search engines. In today's world of the internet the best SEO is not spamming your user and search engines with keywords. Although important, keywords should naturally flow with your site content and assist the user or potential customer in finding exactly what they are searching for.

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    SSL Secured Encryption

    SSL encryption is a necessity in today's world of the internet and advanced search engines such as Google. Your site will have SSL certificates providing confidence to search engines as well as your customers.

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    User Friendly

    To piggyback off the SEO section, a website will have two audiences; search engines and the potential customer. The best sites are useful and easy to use for the customer while providing valid information to search engines. Our sites are designed to be simple and clear to the user and provide the content and experience they seek and deserve. This will lead to longer on page times and a better search ranking for search engines.

Getting Started You Will Need

  • A Domain Name ie. yourvacationrental.com. Many will run $20 annually with introductory prices for the first year or multi-year discounts.
  • A Hosting Package to host your site. Most are roughly $10 a month or annual plans that will receive a discount. We recommend Chillidog Hosting or Dreamhost. We can also assist you with this.
  • Basic Idea of Site Design. You will need a basic idea of the type of site design and additional pages to determine pricing and timeline. We have provided some examples from basic websites to slightly more customized pages and add-on pages and features.
  • Schedule a Call with us to discuss your thoughts on the type of site you would like designed and nail down pricing. You can see our basic website pricing and packages in the links as well.

Ready, Set, Go…

Finished with the phone call? Ready to begin creating your website? Click to check-out our Getting Started Webpage for Our Clients.

We would love to assist you with your Web Design so feel free to check out the Example Vacation Rental Website Template below or our Web Design Portfolio Page. Also, check out the list of included services and optional services for our Web Design Package by clicking the button above.

Longhi Story Orlando is a great example of a simple and clean Vacation Rental Website

The site above is an an example vacation rental site with the text, images, and area info section controlled by you!

A little more detail on this custom website. Same principles with much, much more content and multi-property pages.

This is fully customized version of our vacation rental design. Several locations, many property pages, and options for an area guide.

Why a dedicated guest landing page? Think about it. You pay a percentage to listing sites for a booking. The guest and all their information is now yours. Yours to impress and yours to gain for all future bookings or referrals. Let them know right away that you have a website by sending them there directly. Give them helpful information, house rules, a nice simple website and they will know to book with you again. Ask for details.